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Gift Machine – the story of two couples who started a band to make memories and share love | Gift Machine Reviews, Get and Groupbuy Gift Machine Cheap

Gift Machine is an American band, led by the husband and wife team of Dave Matthies and Andrea Matthies. Originally based in the Pacific Northwest, Dave Matthies has collaborated with many different people and the band has gone through several line up changes over the years.
Gift Machine
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Gift Machine – the story of two couples who started a band to make memories and share love


Introduction: It was a cold winter night and two couples were huddled around the fire, sharing stories and dreams. They wanted to make memories and share love, but they didn’t know how. So they started a band. And from that moment on, their lives changed forever.

How the couple met and started a band.

Tom and Jen met in college and quickly realized that they had a lot in common. They both enjoyed making music, loved going on trip with their friends, and were always looking for ways toshare their love of the arts and make memories together. They started a band to express these feelings and share what they had learned about music through their experiences together.
The couple started out writing songs for themselves but soon realized that they wanted to share their music with other people as well. They pooled their resources and founded an online platform where they could upload their songs and receive feedback from fans. The band has since toured around the country and made countless memories along the way. While it has been a little bit of a challenge (and sometimes difficult) to balance work and travel, the experience has been worth it all in the end. Thank you for reading!

How to Make a Gift Machine.

1. first, decide what type of gift machine you want to create. This could be a personal or office gift.
2. next, choose the recipients for your machine. This could be friends, family, or people you work with.
3. finally, source the necessary components and materials needed to assemble your machine. These might include batteries, cases, and software.

2ld Make a Specific Gift for the Other Person.

A gift that is unique and special for the other person can be a lifesaver! If you don’t know what to get your loved one, consider searching online for gift ideas. There are so many great options on the web, it’s hard to choose just one. For example, you could choose a guitar or drum set as a gift, or buy them something unique like a custom-made book or key ring.
Get the Machine Printed with the couple’s Name on It
If you’re looking to make an even more special gift, consider getting the machine printed with the couple’s name on it. This will leave a lasting reminder of their love and togetherness. Not only will this make your giftee feel special, but it also helps show off your generosity in a positive way!

How to Give the Gift of a Memory.

When you give the gift of a memory, it’s important to choose the right gift for the other person. Personal memories can be very special, so make sure to choose something that Expresses your affection for them. For example, if you’re giving a memory machine as a gift, consider choosing a Photo or Video of the couple together. This will help preserve their memories and show how much you care about them.
Type the couple’s Name into the Machine
If you can’t find the name of the couple on your own, type it into the machine and it’ll generate a list of possible gifts for them! After selecting one, click on it to add it to the machine.
Add an Old Photo or Video of the couple together to the Machine
One way to add an old photo or video of the couple together is to use an online photo editor like Picasa or Google Photos. After uploading your photos and videos, select “Save As” and then “Add as Image.” Once added, they’ll appear in the Memory Machine as part of their personal history!
Give the Machine as a Gift
Gift machines are perfect for giving as a gift! They’re some of the most unique presents anyone could ever give, and they’re sure to make someone happy! Give one away during Christmas or New Year’s Eve, or even just any time there’s an occasion where friends and family can gather around and celebrate their loved ones’ memories together!


Making a gift for the other person is an important part of any gift-giving experience. When choosing the right gift, be sure to choose something that is unique and special. Printing the machine with the couple’s name on it can make a memorable present. If you are giving the machine as a gift, add old photos or videos of them together to make it more personal. Overall, making a gift for another person is an intimate way to show your love.

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